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Get my art on the portal

2012-07-01 00:44:20 by PeacefulMonkkey

What's needed to have your art shown in the portal.

Quality, Quality, Quality!

I have that, i think, so why not?

With this accomplishment, i can say i'm one step closer to becoming pro. And with my art offered to the public i can grow better with every suggestion and comment.

Need evidence? Here.

Get my art on the portal


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2012-07-01 03:00:18

It's definitely a lot better than many things I've seen on the portal. A constructicism, maybe you could highlight/define his hair a little more? The gun looks a little curved on the left too. But otherwise, awesome!

(Updated ) PeacefulMonkkey responds:

Thanks. I'm not the best when it comes to highlights of the hair but i will try my best in the next one. As for the gun i kinda like the curve, makes it dynamic!