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Updates Every so Often

2013-02-10 17:45:19 by PeacefulMonkkey

yeah, the title explains everything.


2012-07-02 15:16:51 by PeacefulMonkkey

I don't know how it's done, maybe its automatic, but how do you make it so the Related Stuff box will show up on your art section of your userpage.
You know that small box under credit and info that contains like 4 of your other art submissions.

So yeah that's it...

Oh also chickens


Ninja Post

2012-07-02 00:06:09 by PeacefulMonkkey

A post that will not be seen by anyone. Also don't think you saw this post because there's no proof you ever saw it.

Get my art on the portal

2012-07-01 00:44:20 by PeacefulMonkkey

What's needed to have your art shown in the portal.

Quality, Quality, Quality!

I have that, i think, so why not?

With this accomplishment, i can say i'm one step closer to becoming pro. And with my art offered to the public i can grow better with every suggestion and comment.

Need evidence? Here.

Get my art on the portal

Art - that is all

2012-06-28 23:22:00 by PeacefulMonkkey

In my efforts to better myself and finally create that piece of art that says, "This is it, this is going to dent the world I live in," I figured I share some artworks with all of you.

Well I'm not going to get better by talking all day, got to get back to practice... anyways here is a sample:

My animation skills are amateur at best.

Art - that is all